The DHTML Menu is a PHP file that generates the HTML needed for a dropdown-navigation inside a cmsimple template. It was created cmsimple-styles.com. It is found on many dotcomwebdesign.com1) templates and on a few www.cmsimple-styles.com ones. You can get it by downloading the “circles” template from cmsimple-styles. It works with all cmsimple versions to date. In V.2.9 a compatibility patch was added to the file “functions.php” to allow this and similar menu systems to still work.

It is easy to change the colors of the menu by editing the javascript file.

Known Issues

  • The DHTML Menu does not work in framesets by default.
  • If the page did not finish loading, the menu will not appear


1) this site is no more affiliated with CMSimple
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