Expand-Contact Content

Discontinued, has been converted into a plugin named Expandcontract_XH

This add-on creates a list of links to hidden pages. On mouse click the content of these links expands or contracts. Without Javascript the headings act a normal links.

Linked pages may contain plugin calls.

Usage in XH 1.6: {{{expand();}}}
in XH before 1.6: {{{PLUGIN:expand();}}}
in CMSimple 4.x: {{{function:expand();}}}

There are 3 optional parameters:

1st parameter (bool)

if 0 is entered, headline of the linked hidden pages will not be displayed in the expansion.

2nd parameter (bool or string)

if empty (= default), hidden subpages of the page are linked.
if a page name is entered, hidden subpages of that page are linked.
if 0 is entered, hidden SAME LEVEL pages following the page are linked.

3rd parameter (string) e.g.: {{{expand('','','Close');}}}

if a 3rd parameter is entered a button for closing the expanded content is created at the end of the content, button text = parameter.

You can download the add-on from the German pages or the English pages of the author.


Expand-Contract Content is an easy way to display lots of small bits of information, like FAQs or Changelogs or Small instructions, explanations, etc.

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