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This addon allows subadmins to edit the content.htm without giving them accesss to the other admin functions. The content.htm can of course be any of the content.htm files of your site - the default language or one of the other languages. subadmin.jpg

SubAdmin is an addon, not a plugin. It is not integrated as plugins are. It operates independent of CMSimple and has its own login with password protection.

The Whizzywig Editor is included in the zip file. This editor can also serve as extern wysiwyg editor for CMSimple.

With just a little programming skills the SubAdmin addon can be modified so sub admins get access to more or less of site site.

Please note. This is only version 0.1 ALFA - just so you know ;-)


You can download the (32.6 KB) here:


The download link is broken. You can download the addon from the Wiki directly. Note however, that the plugin is unmaintained since a long time.

How to install

Three steps to install CMSimple SubAdmin

1. Unzip the archive to a local folder and keep the folder structure

2. Upload the files to your web server / web hotel:

 /subadmin/*.* and /whizzywig/*.* -> goes to the root of your CMSimple installation
 (same folder as index.php)
 the login.php file goes direct to the root.
 your folder structure should now be like the following:

3. Edit subconfig.php in the /subadmin/ directory $filename should point to the content.htm the subadmin should be able to edit. This can be the default content.htm or any of the other content.htm files in the language folders - remember also to change $username and $password - and save your settings.

Login by writing something like in your browsers address line. Default username and password is 'user' 'pass'

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