xTOC28 v.1

Although the normal xToc is made for CMSimple version 2.7 and lower, it still works for higher versions (v.2.8 and up). But here it uses the old menu system without the new functions.

xTOC28 now is made for CMSimple v2.8 and up and supports the additional TOC functions (parent function etc.). However, so far there is only one function included in xTOC28. If used it keeps the pressed button active, clickable. Usually a pressed button can not be clicked again. It is installed like xTOC.

Why xTOC28? A still clickable button makes it sometimes easier to design buttons by CSS.

The functions of xTOC28 may grow according to client's wishes.

Download from this Wiki: xTOC28.zip

See also xTOC

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