OpenWYSIWYG - modified

OpenWYSIWYG is an excellent alternative or supplement to oEdit. The main difference is in its Table functions and some other functions not included in oEdit. But there are also missing some functions often used on pages. It has e.g. no [H…] buttons, Horizontal rule etc. But they can be added just the same way as described in oEdit article.

1. Insert horizontal rule

1. create buttons insertHorizontalRule.gif and insertHorizontalRule_on.gif and save them in ./openwysiwyg/images/ 2. edit wysiwyg.js (in ./openwysiwyg/scripts/ - insert the function e.g. as the last one in

this.Toolbar[0] = new Array(

2. In the same file insert the definition into the Toolbarlist (there is no comma after that, if inserted on the end of the list)


That's all. Thesame way you can insert functions:“insertMarquee” and “insertIframe”.

functions:“insertMarquee” - creates “marquee tag”. You can manipulate its size and position manually or you may switch in HTML and define attributes. In TEXT mode click twice the area to insert a text. Manipulation with an iframe is the same.

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