Spaw Editor For CMSimple

Spaw Editor is a web based in-browser WYSIWYG HTML editor control.

this advantage are :

  • Xhtml Output
  • nice identation in HTML mode
  • Advanced File Manager that allow to:
    • upload, rename, delete file/image/flash:youtube(with plugin)
    • Create, rename, delete folder
  • and all other features as other web based editor

Source :

This integration functions with the Official Spaw Editor downloaded directly from the site. All parameters are inside the spaw.php file describe bellow.

About Prototype Library

From the site : « Prototype is a JavaScript Framework that aims to easy development of dynamic web applications.»

I've integrate this library for the saving process with Spaw Editor. I allow to NOT load every time all pictures during working & saving.

I use the version ''.



version 02/12/2008 : original version + a plugin for saving with standart toolbar

Image Manager



  • I've fix a bug for IE7 (Many thank, again, for emilio castelluccio). \\Before I use «node.contentDocument.activeElement (but it's only compatible with firefox not IE). Now I use « contentWindow.document.body».
    But sorry for user of IE…I met a problem with Ajax on IE so I disable it for a time only for IE.


  • Fix a bug when you have a site with more than one language.
    thank to emilio castelluccio for his help & thank to Marek for his comment and finding the bug.


  • Another bug fixed same as previous but…I'm a bit tired :s. Now all is right.


  • Fix a little bug. Now when you change the headline from hx to hy I call a form.submit()


  • Add unEscape function call for compare title


  • Great!!! Now I make a mix between submit form and ajax. So I use submit form only if you change title or add a new headline inside your text otherelse I use ajax.
  • Well, It's my gift for this site. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year :o)


  • Integration of « Prototype » Library for Ajax for fix some problems.


  • I've integrate Ajax technology for saving data so the editor is not reloaded (faster than ever)
  • If you add/modify a header (h1, H2 or h3), you must refresh your site for seeing change in menu structure!!!


  • Add function for adding and removing absolute path for keeping compatibility with other plugin like Thumbnail with effect
  • the version was tested with the original version of CMSimple 3.2 and Spaw Editor


  • integration inside CMSimple

How to install

  1. Install CMSimple 3.2 (I've tested only with this version)
  2. Copy the folder « Spaw2 » inside your site
  3. Copy spaw.php inside your cmsimple folder
  4. In the SETTINGS seciont, go to « Edit configuration » and set « editor_externa » to the name of your config file. (I've use « spaw »)
|    +-addons                 <- New folder where I've put « Prototype.js » library
|      +-prototype.js         <- this file help you to make Ajax
|    +-cmsimple               <- Put the file spaw.php here
|    +-content
|    +-downloads              <- the folder must be defined for filemanager (it uploads files & flash)
|    +-images                 <- the folder must be defined for filemanager (it uploads images inside)
|      +-spaw                 <- this folder containt image used with ajax plugin for saving data
|        +-ajax-loader.gif    <- it's the image name used with ajax plugin for saving data
|    +-Spaw                   <- I put the Spaw Editor folder here
|      +-config
|      | +-config.default.php <- if you see this file change it to « config.php »
|      +-plugins              <- this folder is used by spaw for loading all plugins
|        +-extended           <- copy the folder « extended » inside the folder « plugins »


For configuring Spaw Editor go the spaw.php inside cmsimple folder…I've let you enougth (I think) comment for you understand.

You can configure :

  • width, height of Editor.
  • Rights access for images folder and downloads folder
  • Rights on file : upload, rename, delete file
  • Restricted type : images, flash, file
  • path for file like images path, file path, …
  • The button « save » is used only with the standard toolbar. So if you want to use the full toolbard you must make some change in spaw.php inside your cmsimple folder. Ask me if you don't know how to do that.


Official Site

Download the Php version from the official site :

Download the last version of « Prototype » Library : Prototype Library

Version 18/01/2009

You can download Spaw editor ( + file used by CMSimple for integration there: Spaw In CMSimple with Ajax

You can download only useful files : Only used files

cmb: Both links above are broken. You can download a the CMSimple integration from the Wiki. I haven't tried this version, though.


This integration is made by Jaufré Devosse

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