To all the users of CMSimple out in the world wide wilderness :)

Here is the result of my work on the integration of:

Get the whole Ajaxfilemanager and the tinymce.php on my homepage at:


Get the latest stable tinymce, and copy it at your webspace - best place:

  • root
    • 2lang
    • cmsimple
    • tiny_mce

Set the needed rights for your webspace…

Get my zip and copy the tinymce.php into your cmsimple path - if you don't use the default folder for tinymce you have to change the absolute path - line 75:

var cmsURL = "/tiny_mce/plugins/ajaxfilemanager/ajaxfilemanager.php"; 
// change this to an absolute path pointing to ajaxfilemanager.php

to the path, where you copied the tinymce.

Copy the folder - ajaxfilemanager - inside the plugins folder of tiny_mce and not inside the plugins folder of cmsimple!!!

    If you don't want to use the default path for your images and files ( ../../../images/ ) change the lines 50 & 51 inside the file: ( found in the dir inc of ajaxfilemanager ).

If there are problems with displaying the tinymce, ajaxfilemanager, swfupload or Sitelink - be aware of the needed rights for the folders and files.

I hope my work is running ok at your enviroment and everything is satisfying your wishes....

If you need help or have any questions - don't worry - just call me at my contact page - and I'll be there 8-)


Install and use my script at your own risk


<fc #ff0000>UPDATE ON 01-06-2009 UPDATE ON 01-06-2009 UPDATE ON 01-06-2009 UPDATE ON 01-06-2009</fc>

Now you can edit your pictures online - after uploaded with the swfupload - with many features:

  • Resize your images
  • Crop your images
  • Rotate your images
  • Use some filters like: blur and sharpen, brightness and contrast, automatic color correction, colorbalance and invert
  • Place some text into the images
  • Used your own images as watermarks ( put your images for watermark into /base_folder/watermarks/ )

This should work in conjunction with imagemagick and gdimage ( the second programmed by me - may be a little buggy :))

and maybe there are some problems working with gif or png and alpha transparency - sorry for that :( but everything ok with jpg :)

I hope you can use my integration well and you like it…

ajaximageeditor.jpg Ajax Image Editor Integration into Ajax File Manger by Klaus Treichler © 2009

<fc #ff0000>UPDATE ON 01-06-2009 UPDATE ON 01-06-2009 UPDATE ON 01-06-2009 UPDATE ON 01-06-2009</fc>

Klaus Treichler 2008/08/07 21:34

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