Whizzywig for CMSimple

Whizzywig is a very lightweight cross browser wysiwyg editor which easily can be integrated into CMSimple. Whizzywig is small, only around 29kb. But even it is small it still has most the features needed for ordinary use. It is also easy to integrated into CMSimple. It adapts easy to the width in different templates. I have adapted Whizzywig to ease the integration into CMSimple.
Whizzywig 0.61 for CMSimple, released june, 10, 2011.
Whizzywig is tested with CMSimple LE 3.4 but should work with other versions too.

Screenshot of Whizzywig integrated into CMSimple:

Links and Downloads

The homepage of Whizywig editor: http://unverse.net/Whizzywig-web-based-rich-text-editor

Download Whizzywig plus php script: http://cmsimple-le.eu/cms/?Downloads

cmb: Version 0.61 has an arbitrary image upload vulnerability. I strongly advice against using Whizzywig 0.61. Please contact the vendor for a security patch.


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