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-====== Impressum ====== 
-=== Administrator === 
-responsible admin:\\ 
-**Hartmut Keil**\\ 
-Kleeberger Str. 48\\ 
-35510 Butzbach\\ 
-Phone: 06033 / 7968036\\ 
-Email: info(at)keil-portal(dot)de\\ 
-Website: [[http://​www.keil-portal.de|www.keil-portal.de]] 
-=== Former Administrator from CMSimple Wiki.com === 
-**Tillman Schuster**\\ 
-Oewerweg 30B\\ 
-D-28325 Bremen\\ 
-Email: tischuster(at)nmud(dot)de\\ 
-Website: [[http://​www.nmud.de|www.nmud.de]] 
-== Important Notices == 
-  * CMSimple Wiki.com is no longer online under the original domain. 
-The content of "​CMSimple Wiki" has been archived (27.04.2015) and will not be maintained! 
-  * There is no warranty for using the software presented or listed in this Wiki. Anyone can use it at their own risk. The administrators of this wiki will not assume any liability in case of data losses caused by software which has been downloaded using this service. 
-  * This wiki is an online collaborative encyclopaedia,​ dedicated to support persons interested in using the Content Management System CMSimple. Even though we control the content of this wiki and its external links thoroughly, we do not take any responsibility for any of the contributions. Liability lies with the persons who made the contributions. Furthermore,​ the administrators of this wiki are not liable for the content of pages which have been linked to from this wiki. 
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