Biblio (in lack of a better name) is a Bibliographic Reference Manager plugin writen by Ricardo Serpell for CMSimple.

New version allows not only a “single user” password-protected implementation, but a multiuser mode based on Svarrer's Memberpages plugin (requires version revised by Ricardo Serpell). Although in this last case all users share the reference database, different accesslevels can be specifyed for:

  • “full control” (add/edit/delete bibliographic entries),
  • “restricted editing” (add/edit/delete comments, quotes and TechMemos for existing bibliographic entries) or
  • “read only” modes (everyone else accessing the plugin page).

Download from:

The download links is broken. You can download the plugin from the Wiki directly. Note however, that the plugin is unmaintained since a long time.


Bibliographic reference entries can be stored along along with quotations, user comments, and user attached files. As is the standard with CMSimple no database is used (only plain-text php-files). The entries might be added manually through a somewhat lengthy formular, or by importing a RIS file (RIS: Research Information Systems, i.e. Endnote compatible).

A simple user interface with only four (4) buttons: List, Manage, Add and Search. (Deppending on user access level, there may be only 3 visible)

The plugin will sort entries either by:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Publication Date
  • Date Added to the database

References are displayed using one of the avaliable reference styles (currently: harvard, APA, Chicago or ISO690). Help implementing new ones or improving existing ones is welcomed.

List of references can be filtered by

  • document attributes (serial, electronic, etc.)
  • document type (following the standard RIS classification, plus some additional document types)
  • reference-set document belongs to.

The reference list is searchable (though yet a very basic search)

A formular based layout is provided to make a Tech-memo for each bibliographic entry. These Tech-memos can be printed for future reference from a layout free page (meaning: not even CMSimple layout around contents).


Entries for new documents are added by clicking the Add button. Either by uploading a RIS file and retouching the now pre-filled formular, or by editing the empty formular from scratch.

To access all the relevant data stored along each particular reference entry the user simply clicks on the Manage button. A hyper-linked document list is displayd. The list is sorted and filtered according to the sorting and filtering options set bellow the main 4 buttons. Clicking on any document title displays the Tech-memo formular. Other management options are displayed under the document title ( edit main entry | edit/add quote | edit/add comment | Manage files | delete entry )

The List button displays a document list where each entry is formatted according to the reference style selected. The list is sorted and filtered according to the sorting and filtering options set bellow the main 4 buttons.

Search button is …well… for searching the data.

Installation and Usage:

After download of file, unzip it inside CMSimple's “plugins” folder. A new folder named biblio should now be visible inside “plugins” folder. Inside this folder there should be a file named index.php.

You may call the plugin from your content area in this way: #cmsimple $output.=rs_biblio_main(); #

There is no provision for editing configuration files through the admin area of the plugin yet. Please locate the config.php file in the config folder, and edit it manually in order to set the user password (1234 as provided). Currently the avaliable reference-sets should be created/deleted editing this file too.

There is no provision either to edit the CSS file yet. A stylesheet.css file is included as a sample in the installation package in the folder css.

Important Note: All relevant plugin folder and files should have full read/write permissions (0777) for biblio to work propperly.

sugestions and complaints are both welcomed.

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