Svarrer's Calendar Plugin

A plugin that prints a simple calendar on your page with events. The last version is version 0.5.

This original version can be downloaded from the WIKI

Modified and expanded versions 1.2 and 1.4.6: calendar_XH

Starting from Tory and Bob's modifications Svasti revised the plug-in completely for version 1.1. Holger added some cool functions for version 1.2. Since then the plug-in has been developed further. In Nov 2013 the version was 1.4.6.

Download latest version from Svasti's Demo-CMSimple-site:

Example of events page (on a page) and calendar_XH 1.2 (in the template)

Example of the backend of clanedar:XH 1.2.


  • Version 1.2 modified by Holger
    • Fixed some PHP 5.3.0 deprecated code (split() …)
    • Added xh_debugmode() and a bit security
    • Removed direct edit of the eventfiles in admin-area
    • Bugfix: layout crashed on eventspage when a birthday (###) was the first event in a month
    • Added the DatePicker v5.4 by and made the date inputs readonly
    • Replaced “;” by “ ” in users input to prevent a script-crash and to keep the field-structure in the event-files
    • nextevent() will return now nothing when there is no future event
    • $plugin_cf['calendar']['date_delimiter']: is ready to use full-stop “.”, forward slash “/” and minus/dash “-”,
    • a changed delimitter at runtime will be converted by the DatePicker, so no crashed eventfiles anymore
    • Slightly changed the “narrow” style in the backend
  • Version 1.1 modified by Svasti
    • xh-unicode-compatible
    • lots of obsolete attributes moved from config to css (otherwise no validation in html5)
    • elimination of unnecessary attributes
    • changed obsolete php code (“eregi” is obsolete in php 5.3)
    • improvement in backend, 3 input styles available (wide, medium narrow)
    • tooltips in config
    • extra line in event display giving the period for which the events are listed,
    • possibility to show past events, new way to show end of events
    • bug corrections: begin and end display of events lasting several days were mixed up
    • events from different years would mess up the event-display,
    • new way to show end of events (date and/or time),
    • correction of other minor bugs (like birthday in calendar view) plus beautifying the code display a bit… but not too much

Modified Version

Version 1.0 - 3-9-2008

  • The functionality of displaying/not displaying Time, Location and Link in Event View was omitted in version 0.9. It is now back again.


Modified Version

Version 0.9 - 15-1-2008

  • Minor Bugs corrected regarding date-delimiter problem, when using “.” as delimiter, events where not shown in Calendar-view.
  • Added a few extra lines in language files regarding singular/plural ages text for compability especially in easter-europe.
  • Redesign of Calendar view - now next/previus month link are placed on same line as year.
  • Help file updated

Remember to make a backup off your settings before upgrading.


Modified Version

Version 0.8 - 22-12-2007

  • Events can now be added / edited / deleted from a CMSimple page, without the Administrator Rights. Just create a page and add the following line: #CMSimple $output. = EditEvents();#

The page can be behind Memberspage or Register plugin to allow just a single group of members to be Editor of the Event File. Only index.php file in Calender plugin has been changed, and a image folder has been added since Version 0.7


Modified Version

Version 0.7 This version of Svarrers Calendar is modded by Tory, based on Svarrers Version 0.5 New functionality compared to the original version are:

  • Nextevent Function gives the possibility to display the next coming event compared to current time-day.
  • Changed way of sorting events, so that several events on the same day are sorted by day AND time.
  • Changed way of handling events over several days. The event can now be entered with start day-time and end day-time. They are displayed on the event page only with the start day-time and end day-time - but the end day-time respectively start day-time are added to the event, so when viewing the events you can see when the event ends/starts.
  • You can select (In Plug-in config: ['show_between_dates'] true/false) whether events between start- and end-day will be highlighted in the Calendar-view
  • Help file has been updated

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, read the help file first, to keep your settings.

25. Sep. 2007:

  • Minor Bugs: Corrected regarding Calender look when last day in the week ends the last day in month. Corrected error when displaying single day events in calender view - only occurs when date in events file is entered with “.” as seperator.
  • New functionality: In Plugin config you can now select whether Time, Location and Link should be displayed in Event view.


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