I'vetried to port and wrapp the flatFileDB as plugin for cmsimple.

It is cureently an early beta, that works fine for me.

It is an simple flat file database, tha allows you to create/modify multiple databases (each stored in a single text file) and create different templates for forms.

Due it is an public beta release, there's - no help file and - no user-form implementation added at the moment. But i thought, some of you might want to test/use it anyway.

The plugin is under development, and a fully working release will be soon. (a few weeks)

The current version of the plugin can be downloaded at http://infantilo.kilu.de/downloads/flatDB.zip

More Information and other plugins can be found at: http://infantilo.kilu.de

In case of server problems, please pm me within the thread at www.cmsimple.dk/forum


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