Optimise external links for search endgine (SEO) with ExLink_XH plugin.

The ExLink_XH plugin is a very simple approach to external links optimisation for search engine (SEO), adding icons to links to external websites addresses and showing confirmation pop-up. It is a purely javascript/jQuery implementation, so the icons are only shown to users that have JavaScript enabled.


  • Creating SEO secure internally link with external link.
  • Base64 encoding/decoding.
  • External link decoration with CSS.
  • Confirmation pop-up, if external link is pressed.
  • Adding attributes and rel=“nofollow” for all external links.

New in version 1.1

  • Sending invalid link notice to site admin when the validation dialog pop-up.
  • External link redirect.
  • Lnk validation and link validation dialog.
  • Correct cyryllic domain handing.

Downloads ExLink

cmb: If the download link above doesn't work, you can download ExLink_XH 1.0 from the Wiki.



Follow the project on GitHub project page

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