Tested with CMSimple_XH 1.6.1.

This plugin creates a list of links to hidden pages. On click such a link expands and shows its content on the calling page. Another click will contract the content of the hidden page again. Without Javascript the links act a normal links.

The hidden pages are either

  • hidden subpages of the page where the plugin is called (default setting), e.g.: {{{expand();}}}
  • same level hidden pages following the page where the plugin is called, e.g.: {{{expand(0);}}}
  • hidden subpages of any other page that is entered in the plugin call, e.g.: {{{expand('pagename');}}}

Available Config Settings

  • wheather the expanded content should show its heading or not,
  • wheather at the bottom of the expanded content a “Close” button should be put or not.

Download German or English

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