A plugin for several varieties of automatic image shows.

Tested with CMSimple_XH 1.5.7 and 1.6.1.

This plugin integrates the jQuery plugin Flexslider 2.2 by Tyler Smith (published by WooThemes) into CMSimple_XH. Currend Version 4.7 lets you set a ton of settings for each individual slider. Also text-only slides are possible, entered text will be interpreted according to Markdown syntax.

In the backend of Flexslider there is an image browser and an the possibility to copy, create and delete new flexslider files with all kinds of settings like

  • type of animation,
  • random start, or random sequence,
  • choice of different legend styles,
  • if the image should serve as a link and
  • animation stop on mouse over

The call is {{{flexslider();}}} (XH 1.6) without parameters for the default slider, otherwise you have to specify the flexslider file.

Download and Demo German or English

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