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The advanced form plugin developed by JAT is used to create mail forms, which can be integrated into any CMSimple page by means of the CMSimple scripting command. I developed this plugin because I noticed in the forum posts, that there were quite a lot of request for an easy to implement mail form. I had previously altered Peter Harteg's inbuilt mail form.

To use the form:

Add this line to the page you want the form on. (Enter the correct “NameOfForm” of course.)

#cmsimple $output.=showadvform(’NameOfForm’);#

If you want to add additional content to the page holding the form, you say:

#cmsimple $output.=showadvform(’NameOfForm’,'true');#


Download page:

cmb: Seems Jan's Website was sold, so you can download AdvancedForm 1.6.6 from the Wiki. Please note that the PRO version is also available (see below).

cmb: Jan Kanters made a PRO version, which he finally released under GPL on Sep, 9th 2010. This version (2.7.0; originally released on May, 19th 2010) has some improvements over the version that is available on his homepage. As I was able to get a copy, I have uploaded it here mainly for archiving purposes. If your looking for a currently maintained plugin with similar functionality, check out Advancedform_XH.

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see also: custom_mailform, asform


I needed text before and after my form and the following command worked fine for me:

#CMSimple $output = preg_replace("/".chr(35)."CMSimple .*".chr(35) . "/",showadvform('NAME_OF_MY_FORM'),$c[$s]);#

Frank Z.



First: I love your formular-plugin, it very convinient and usefull. But I have got some problems…:

The formular seems to integrate fine, but upon sending I just get an danish error: “Formularen er ikke blevet send - ukendt fejl opstod” (unknown failure). I think its because i have upgraded to 2.9. Maybe? It runs here: (Feel free to (try to) send me a mail)

And by the way, why does the H1 text disappear (likewise all other tekst on that page). That problem was the same with earlier version of CMSimpel too. I would love to be able to make to'five lines introduction above a formular.

Looking forward to your reply,

LOL Mads

Sorry for trying to post here, but I just tried to contact JAT with his own formular at his site. But it also failed!! What going on? Anyone used the plug in with succes?

Hi, use this code, it works. <P>#cmsimple $output.=showadvform('YourFormularName');#</P>

:-) German User

There is an undocumented feature! If you say:

<P>#cmsimple $output.=showadvform('YourFormularName', 'true');#</P>

you can add text (with headings) as well as images.


Thanks for your advises, just what I was looking for!

:-) Mads


The captcha code and image won't load. Does anyone has the same problem?

8-O wim

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