ASform - a replacement of CMSimple's own mail form

ASform is an easy-to-use formmailer for CMSimple. It is supposed to replace CMSimple's own rather meager formmailer. Its version 1.0 had originally been developed by Astrid Schäfer. It offered two fixed, required input fields and one required text field. This present version 2.7 has highly been changed and upgraded by NMuD. The changes include three more optional input fields, optional mandatory fields as well as more styling possibilities by extended CSS usage. In addition, this new version is now multilingual. Furthermore, this plugin validates for HTML as well as for XHTML depending on the setting of “xhtml_endtags” in CMSimple's configuration menu. This version of asform makes now sure, that the formmailer can be used only from within CMSimple. Misuse by external users should be impossible from now on.
Now, ASform can freely be positioned. That means: The plugin can be placed inside the content, which then will float around the plugin (see Image).

The updated ASform v.2.9 from August 2012 is now utf-8 ready and has all deprecated “ereg”s replaced by “preg_match”. It, therefore, can be used now in CMSimple-XH.

You can receive more information about this plugin here using this link.

Download ASform v.2.9

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