GXGetUrl is a modified and extended version of the original function geturl() (formerly geturlx) who allows to “grab” external webcontent and to include it in the CMSimple content page. The content from the other website would be “embedded”.

Interesting if you would like to use other scripts in CMSimple without rewriting it as a plugin.

Attention: It is illegal to grab content from other websites and show them embedded in yours!

Example on how to use it in content (including an external gallery):

#CMSimple $output.=GXGetUrl("http://singapore.sourceforge.net/demo/","?gallery=Demo/Templates/MinimumBlue");#

For the moment it is a very early beta version who is only tested with certain scripts.

It is a plugin developed and distributed under GPL by Gerd Xhonneux from xtc.

GXGetUrl can be downloaded from

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