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 +====== GXSecurity ======
 +The GX Website Security plugin is a script designed to take on the burdon of dealing with certain common security problems in PHP scripts.
 +It is made to immediate, transparent security of varying types. Far, far too often you hear about scripts having some common vulnerability - people just aren't careful enough when writing scripts. This script is desiged to try to compensate for some of this carelessness.
 +It is a very usefull protection plugin developed and distributed under GPL by Gerd Xhonneux from [[http://​xtc.xhonneux.com|xtc]].
 +GXSecurity tries to defend against:
 +  * HTTP request floods
 +  * Script display vulnerabilities
 +  * General flood protection
 +  * IP banning via .htaccess
 +  * HTML source viewing/​stealing
 +  * Block blacklisted IP addresses
 +  * Block visitors from user-defined countries
 +  * Detect URL cracks and injections
 +A website where GXSecurity is installed and wich was under fire from spammers and hackers were observed for a year.
 +This is the convincing result: ​
 +GXSecurity'​s home page with informations in english, german and french can be accessed at:\\
 +GXSecurity can be downloaded from\\
 +back to **[[plugins:​]]**
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