hi_KCFinder is the bridge between CMSimple(_XH) and and Pavel Tzonkovs KCfinder web file manager.


  • replaces the default CMSimple file administration with KCfinder
  • usable with FCKeditor (integration-file available), CKeditor and TinyMCE
  • ready to use with other plugins


  • Ajax engine with XML responses
  • Select multiple files with the Ctrl/Command key
  • Download multiple files or a folder as single ZIP file
  • Clipboard for copying and moving multiple files (only inside a folder-tree)
  • Resize bigger uploaded images. Configurable maximum image resolution
  • Configurable thumbnail resolution. Thumnails selectable in WYSIWYG-Editors
  • Visual CSS themes
  • Multilanguage system

hi_KCFinder needs PHP 5.1.0 with a few default extensions to work. Beside this, a writable folder “/userfiles” must be available (same level as /images and /downloads). This folder is required by some newer Plugins and comes by default with CMSimple_XH from version 1.4.

Download: http://cmsimple.holgerirmler.de

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