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ip-info plugin

This plugin provides the possibility to show some userspecific information like IP, Browser, Host… on your website.


You can see it work here: (cmb 2013-07-31: currently unavailable)

cmb 2013-07-31: As the download page is for sale, you can download the plugin directly from the wiki:


Updatet to Version 1.01:

Made some specific Bugfixes


You want to have a German translation and a German Downloadsite for your plugins too?

Just mail me the Files in zip format with some information in English and a Screenshot and i will put it into my Downloads.

info (at)

cmb 2013-07-30: The domain is currently for sale, so it probably doesn't make sense to write to the email address and request a translation. You may consider asking in the CMSimple_XH forum instead.

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