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 Downloadpage:​ http://​www.just-talk-it.de/​viewtopic.php?​f=54&​t=118 ​ Downloadpage:​ http://​www.just-talk-it.de/​viewtopic.php?​f=54&​t=118 ​
-You can see it work here: http://​www.kornschober.de.+You can see it work here: http://​www.kornschober.de. ​(//cmb 2013-07-31://​ currently unavailable)
-As the download page is currently not available due to prolonged maintainance, you can download the plugin directly from the wiki: {{plugins:​ip-info_v1.00.zip|ip-info_v1.00.zip}}+//cmb 2013-07-31:// ​As the download page is for sale, you can download the plugin directly from the wiki: {{plugins:​ip-info_v1.00.zip|ip-info_v1.00.zip}}
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