Author: Holger Irmler

Download: cmsimple.holgerirmler.de »

jQuery4CMSimple is a “plugin for plugins” which handles the integration of jQuery, jQueryUI and other jQuery-based scripts in CMSimple. Of course it is possible for plugin authors to include their own jQuery library. But this will result in unnecessary overhead, when more than one plugin is installed that requires jQuery and each loads its own version. But even worse: if the first plugin loads a jQuery plugin this will be purged, when the second plugin loads its own jQuery version. So it's strongly recommended that all plugins authors who need jQuery rely on jQuery4CMSimple.

How to use jQuery4CMSimple is explained in the accompanying help file.

In all downloads of CMSimple_XH (versions higher than 1.4) jQuery4CMSimple is included. For older XH versions and other CMSimple variants the plugin can be installed as usual.

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