CMSimple(_XH) creates a backup on every login and deleated the last backup. If you only want to edit some plugin data, you may not want a new backup. This plugin provide the needed functionality.

Simply put it into the plugin folder. When you select it, a button <fc #008000>Logout No Backup</fc> will appear. Click it and there you are.

Download: http://frankziesing.de/cmsimple/?Start:Download_Logout_nobackup

This plugin is an alternative to the 2007 Logoutwithoutbackup by Pedro Infantilo. Code however is much smaller and simpler, just one tiny admin.php file, no PHP errors or notices are produced, and works together with loginlocker_XH 1.0 and 1.1 and since version 0.2 also with keymaster_XH plugin.

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