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 +====== Media ======
 +A little CMSimple-plugin to include flv-videos and mp3-audios "the simple way" to your CMSimple-Website.
 +This plugin is using the [[http://​flowplayer.org/​|Flowplayer Free Version]].
 +  * Includes all necessary flash, javascripts and stylesheets (no changes in the template required)
 +  * Easy activation, just by adding a predefined class in the editor-dialog (no source-code editing)
 +  * Works everywhere without CMSimple-Scripting. So it's usable in the content, the template, in newsboxes and in other plugins like acDIVs or [[plugins:​blogs:​cmsimple_real_blog|RealBlog]].
 +More information at: [[http://​cmsimple.holgerirmler.de/?​Plugins:​Media]]
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