Plugin started by Michael Svarrer, taken over by Gert Ebersbach and being further developped by svasti.

Memberpages has two uses (version 3.4):
  • It provides a log-in field, where users (=members) can enter a user name and a password. The log-in can be used to regulate access to other plugins, e.g. Forum_XH.
  • Memberpages can also hide pages and make them visible only to users who are logged-in. Pages can be given different accesslevels and Members can have individual access rights (lot's of different settings). Membership can have an individual expiration date, after which login isn't possible anny more. The plugin keeps a detailed log filed of logins, logoffs, expired membership, wrong username/password, change of user setings by the unser.

Download: svasti's German pages, svasti's English pages


Michael Svarrer release version 0.1 beta 1 probably around 2005. He continued to develop it till version 1.7 in 2007. Svarrer's last version can hide the memberpages until you log in with the proper accesslevel. This functionality demands CMSimple 2.8 or higher. Download Svarrer's last version:

Ricardo Serpell did a revised 1.7 version, which included support for user real names (stored in $_SESSION['Real Name'] to be accessed by other plugins), corrects erroneous reading of allowed accesslevels from member pages, replaces use of obsolete “eregi” function, and includes spanish language file (es). Download Ricardo Serpell's version:

As these version were not compatible with the new CMSimple_XH (they could cause desynchronization of content.htm and pagedata.php), Gert Ebersbach started to work on Svarrer's last version to make the plugin compatible with CMSimple_XH. He published Memberpages 2.0 XH in 2009 and afterwards added some improvements until version 2.3, which he released in Dec 2010.

2012 svasti took over and rewrote a lot of the code for version 3.0, adding simplifications and enhancements. Version 3.1 introduced the possibility to use pagedata tabs to define pages as memberpages.

Some Features of version 3.2:
  • After log-in the user is shown which other users are logged in. (Done with the help of Memberlist_XH by Christoph Becker)
  • For every user Memberpages can store user name, password, access level, e-mail addres and full name.
  • Members can change their password, e-mail addres and full name after log-in.
  • A detailed editable log file of all log-in actions is visible in the backend.

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