The MenuManager Plugin has been created to make the task of creating new pages and arranging existing ones more convenient and less tedious! For example, if you want to move a page without the MenuManager, you have to go to source code view, cut everything, go to a different page, scroll to the end, insert a new headline, go to source view again, scroll again to the bottom and finally paste your clipboards components. Not exactly my definition of “simple”. So do yourself a favor and install the MenuManager Plugin now!

It allows you to move existing pages around by drag&drop and create new pages with just one click.

The new version now allows for up to six menulevels!

The Plugin supports different languages and comes with German and English language files.

MenuManager can be downloaded from

Note, that this version doesn't work correctly with CMSimple_XH 1.5 and higher and CMSimple 4 and higher.

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