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This plugin is my very first effort to write a plugin and it is also the only one written so far. The only I have used as a background was djot's tutorial (simple and excellent tutorial). The plugin itself is written as simple as my knowledge had allowed. The idea was to have a plugin for a simple ticker placable either within the content or a template (find more in help file). Only later I found it's usability also in form of a simple slideshow, linked slideshow or combined text/image ticker.

Martin Sereday 2007/06/13 11:28

Download here: NewsTicker_v_1.1


Download: NewsTicker_v_1.1

New version 1.2 of the plugin is here. Changes: 1. Extended config variables 2. The message of the ticker/image-slideshow can be made different for various languages 3. Some values from the stylesheet have been moved into the config.php

Download here: NewsTicker_v_1.2

The previous links probably do not work anymore. I have found the archives in my repository and here are the links:
NewsTicker 1.2
NewsTicker 1.2b
NewsTicker 1.3b
NewsTicker 1.4b

I had no time to review what are the archives. But they are shure not UTF-8 encoded and very probably they are also buggy. Excuse me. Maybe I find the time to check them and rewrite. Anyway, feel free to do whatever you like of them. Just let me know or send me your rewritings.

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