Newsletter is originaly based on GenizNewsletter but is totaly rewrited and supplied whith new functionality.Mailing facility is based on PHPMailer.


  • Unlimited mails (thought your provider may have some restrictions).
  • Multiple newsletter lists.
  • User confirmation of subscription (optional).
  • Mails are send in user defined periods of time to avoid server timeouts.
  • Support for both SMTP and php mailing function through PHPMailer.
  • Support for both HTML and text based mail clients through PHPMailer.
  • Attachments (optional).
  • Preview of ready to send mail and possibility to send evaluation mail to admin.
  • Resume sending of mails after timeout or crash.
  • Mailing log.
  • Templates
  • Optional Extra input fields
  • Newsletter can be sent from multilanguage sites

Download: (XH verified)

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