Plugin Installer/Updater/Remover

The PluginInstaller allows you to install (upload and unpack) new plugins without the need of an ftp. Further it lets you easely remove existing plugins, and will automatically remove their function calls from within your content file, to prevent white screens. Existing plugins can be updated. The new recover mode will help yout to recover from white/blank pages. Even templates can now be installed without the need of ftp! The plugin will also allow you to clean up your image-folder (automatic or manual mode) and will allow you to check all scripting calls.

The plugin is freeware and will remain so


  • install new plugins without the need of ftp
  • uninstall existing and unneeded plugins
  • update existing plugins
  • install new templates without the need of ftp
  • uninstall existing templates
  • recover from white/blank pages
  • now including a super simple file explorer

Tested on: cmsimple v2.9 cmsimple v3.x (by userreports)

The PluginInstaller does not work correctly with CMSimple_XH! For details see I advice against using the PluginInstaller under CMSimple_XH until further notice. Christoph M. Becker (cmb)


Other Plugins and more Informations available at the project page:


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