<fc #ff0000>Version 0.8</fc> (Oct 2012)

  • 0.6 was completely reprogrammed
  • Tested with CMSimple 3.4 and CMSimple_XH 1.5.4

Quote-of-the-day_XH is a simple plugin that creates a div containing a quote from of a list of quotes. This quote changes automatically every day, selection is either at ramdom (only useful if you have many quotes) or sequentially (useful, if you don't have that many quotes).

Beginning from version 0.6 the quotes can have different paragraphs and a mixture of paragraph styles. The older German and Slovak help files were removed (Sorry Tata) and s new help file hat to be written, which exists only in English.

Version 0.7 got a preview function displaying all the quotes as they would appear on a page. Version 0.8 made different quote files possible.

Usage is largely self explanatory. sample_quoteoftheday.jpg

Quoteoftheday can be put into the text of a page and also in the template.

Download from the Demo-CMSimple-site of the author:

How does it work?

When an online visitor of a comes to the website, the plugin checks on which day the quote of the day was updated. If it is the same day, the plugin will present the saved quote selection. If it is not the present day, the plugin will select and save a new quote, either sequentially or at random from the quotes list.

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