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 **Register_XH is now maintained on [[http://​3-magi.net/?​CMSimple_XH/​Register_XH|3-magi.net]].** **Register_XH is now maintained on [[http://​3-magi.net/?​CMSimple_XH/​Register_XH|3-magi.net]].**
-Register_mod_XH is a modified version of the register-plugin. Many thanks to Carsten Heinelt, he has allowed me to modify the plugin "​register"​ for CMSimple_XH. 
-I have made a completely code-rewrite and added some new features: 
-  * code-cleaning - modified for CMSimple_XH 
-  * register function possible to enable/​disable ($plugin_cf['​register'​]['​allowed_register'​]) 
-  * horizontal login-form now for areas with a width of 740px or higher (header or footer) 
-  * you can define a login page in the language settings ($plugin_tx['​register'​]['​login_page'​]) 
 \\  \\ 
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