simpleCloud is a small plugin for CMSimple. It extracts all words of a particular web page according to the number of appearence and renders them in a defined page area using different font sizes. The more often a word turns up on a page, the larger the font appears used for rendering. To avoid that fill words like articles, prepositions etc. turn up as well, a stopword filter can be activated. In the moment this plugin comes with stopword filters in 10 different languages. The usage of the different stopword filters is defined by CMSimple's language usage.

simpleCloud is flexible. Beside different word sizes you are also able to define different colors for the different word sizes. Image 1 shows differently sized words in different grey shades. In addition the word output can be sorted. Furthermore, simpleCloud can freely be positioned on a web page (see Image 2).
More informations about simpleCloud can be received here.

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