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Version 0.9

This is a simple RSS reader plugin for CMSimple.


  1. Copy everything to your plugin folder.
  2. Set the normal write permissions in the config, css, languages subfolders
  3. Go to the administration of the simplerss plugin and configure your RSS feeds you want to render. Be sure, that if you want to render more than one feed, they should be separated by comma without spaces!


Download page:

This page is not available anymore. Please use the modified version.

Nearly a year ago there was a feature request about this plugin in the CMSimple Forum. Back then I've downloaded the current version (0.91) of the plugin: You might try it alternatively to the modified version; it uses SimplePie (which is currently maintained; though the included version isn't up to date) instead of Magpie (which is “dead” since a long time) and Snoopy (probably “dead” too). — Christoph M. Becker 2012/07/13 23:46

cmb: This version might cause trouble with some plugins and particularly CMSimple_XH >= 1.5.4. The solution: just remove the empty lines after ?> in line 15038 of simplerss/extlib/

Modified version:
There is a slightly polished version 0.8 (not 0.9!!!!) available which can be downloaded from CMSimple WIKI. The famous “vas” bug has been removed. In addition, character code settings are easy to configure via simplerss configurations. Character code settings may be required to be changed in order to show special characters.

Download: simplerss_08_mod

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