What are Plugins?

Plugins are CMSimple additions with one or more specific functions which are not covered by CMSimple itself. They are copied into the plugin subfolder and managed by the PluginLoader

Installation of Plugins

Depending on which version of CMSimple you downloaded1) you may have to generate the folder /plugins in the root of CMSimple first before you start installing. The main folder structure should look like:
| +-2lang
| +-cmsimple
| +-content
| +-downloads
| +-images
| +-plugins
| +-templates


  1. You download a working plugin loader and copy it into the /plugins folder.
  2. You copy your favourite plugins into the /plugins folder. Such a plugin consists of a folder containing files and subfolders.
  3. To activate plugin handling by CMSimple you enter CMSimple»settings»edit configurations and add to the field “plugins_folder:” the word “plugins”. Now, you are set.


Available Plugins are:

Advanced Form: advanced_form

Advanced News: advanced_news

Advanced Search: advanced_search

ALSO: also

asform: asform

BadWords_XH: badwords

Banner-Rotator: Bannerrotator

Bibliographic references biblio

Blog plugins: blogs

Bookings plugin: bookings

BookStore bookstore

Calendar OccCal: calendar_occcal

Change this line: change_this_line

CMSimple Mobile: CMSimple Mobile

CMSimpleRSS: CMSimpleRSS

Coco_XH: Coco_XH

Contact us: contact_us

Countdown: countdown

Counter: counter

crazystat_XH: crazystat

Database FlatFileDB: database_flatfile

E-Mail obfuscation: encMailXH

Example: Example

Expandcontract: Expandcontract

External link optimisator: ExLink

Facebook Link & Like by Leonardo Ganzerli: Faceblink

Fdevsound: Fdevsound

Fdevideo: Fdevideo

Floating Blocks Floating_Blocks

Frequently asked questions by Svarrer: svarrers_faq

Frequently asked questions by Geniz: genizFAQ

FileAdm: fileadm

Filemanager: hi_KCFinder

Flexslider: Flexslider

Font-Size: font_size

Forum xml forumXML

Gallery Collection gallery_collection

Gallery plugins: galleries

GenizForum: genizforum

GenizLatestNews: genizlatestnews

GenizNewsLetter: geniznewsletter

GoogleMap: googlemap

GoRegister: https://github.com/ichderfisch/GoRegister (vulnerability reported)

Guestbook plugins: guestbooks

GXGetUrl: gxgeturl

GXRoute: gxroute

Handheld_XH: Handheld_XH

ip-info: ip-info

jCloud_XH: jсloud

jQuery4CMSimple: jQuery4CMSimple

Last Update: Last update

Latest News: latest_news

Link Collection: gxlink

Link Exchange: linkex

Link to us: link_to_us

Livesearch: livesearch

Lktags: lktags

Logout without backup:logout_without_backup


MakeOffline: makeoffline

Media: media

Memberpages: Memberpages

Menu Manager: menumanager

Message_XH: Message_XH

MLDAdmin_XH: MLDAdmin_XH

More page data: morepagedata

MultiLang XH: multilang_xh

MultiMedia: multimedia

MyReferences XH: myreferences_xh

News: news

Newsbox Rotator: newsbox_rotator

Newsletter: newsletter

News Ticker: news_ticker

NoMistakes_XH: nomistakes_xh

One Page for simpleMultiUser: One_Page_for_simpleMultiUser

Online Visitors: online visitors

Pagemanager_XH: Pagemanager_XH

PayPal Donation: paypal donation

Pictures: pictures

PluginInstaller/Updater/Remover: plugininstaller

PM_Cloud (Tag Cloud): pm_cloud

PM_Cloud: pm_cloud

Poll Plugin: poll

Quote of the day: quoteoftheday

RapidAccessCode: RapidAccessCode

Register Plugin: register

Register_mod_XH: register_mod_XH

Remove Expired Page: Remove Expired Page

Roundabout_XH: Roundabout_XH

RSS-Feed: rss_feed

RSS-Reader: simplerss

Scheduled Content: scontent

Security Plugin: gxsecurity

simpleCloud: simpleCloud

simpleMultiUser: simpleMultiUser

Sitemapper_XH: Sitemapper_XH

SocialWebButtons: SocialWebButtons

Stylemanager: Stylemanager

SubNavigator: SubNavigator

SwitchEditor: switcheditor

Tag Cloud Plugins: tag Cloud Plugins

Tata_search plugin: tata_search

Teaser_XH: teaser_XH

Tell a friend: tell_a_friend

Tempflate – template + flat (file) tempflate

TemplateSwitcher: TemplateShift

Test FullSimple: plugins_new

TG Image Pop-up: tg_popup

Thumbnail Effect: Thumbnail Creation with Lightbox(Slimbox) or highslide effect

TS Backup: ts_backup

tsEdit: tsEdit

Tooltip and Modal Box: Tooltip and Modal Box

Variable Content: vContent

videoALL: videoALL

Web-Directory: wdir

Wellrad Onlineshop: WellradShop

WhatsNew: whatsnew

Wrapper: wrapper

Yanp_XH: Yanp_XH

Youtube: youtube

1) In CMSimple_XH and CMSimple 4.x the pluginloader is already installed.
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