Stylemanager_XH allows to edit the look of a CMSimple(_XH) site without knowledge of CSS. However, someone with knowledge of CSS must have added the file stylemanager.csv to the template folder. Stylemanager has everything necessary to create this file.

How it is done

After installation the plugin looks for the stylemanager.csv file in the CMSimple templates folder. This file tells the plugin what to show as editable variables on the plugin main page. You have to create this file with Stylemanager. The plugin menu “Variables” opens an environnement to create this file. On the left you will see the stylesheet.css of the template and on the right the list of variables, … probably still empty.

Entering triggers into the stylesheet.css

This is the trick which makes the whole thing work! For each variable you want to change, you need to define a trigger in the stylesheet.css. The trigger is a unique combination of signs that tells the plugin: “Change the value which follows!” These triggers are written directly into the css file as comments. To make this easy the css file and the variable list are displayed side by side. As the lists can become rather long, the plugin monitors the scroll positions and returns after saving to the same scroll position of both css file and variables list.

Triggers reduce readability of the css file. Here cmb's plugin Codeeditor (version at least 1.beta 5) is a good help, as it gives triggers a different color.

Stylemanager has some helpful javascript to make creating the stylemanager.csv file managable.

Download from: svasti's CMSimple pages

Screenshot (could look very different depending on the stylemananger.csv file and the template)

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