tata_search plugin


may be used as a replacement of the searchbox function.
The plugin allows definition of search keywords.


In admin area use the language for definition of desired search keywords.
There are 10 fields ready. If you need more/less of them, you must edit the language file
(add/delete more lines with corresponding numbers)
and you also need to add/delete more “option” lines in the index.php of the plugin.


In configuration you may set the width of the option box and the submit button.

search button type

To change the standard text button to an image button open and edit the index.php.
The file is commented, so you can easily make the changes.


The tata_search function may be used in the template:

If used on a page, use:

#cmsimple $output.=tata_search();#
If on a page, use also Stylesheet to adjust your design.

If used in a template, use:

<?php echo tata_search();?>


1. submit button definable from the config - solved in v1.1
2. allow multichoice from the dropdown list
4. make a list of options definable from a simple comma separated array
5. save the result of searching in an external file and load it as a “linking page”
6. …any other ideas…?

Let me know at info[at]cmsimple[dot]sk

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