Teaser_XH can put several div-areas on your page, which serve as teasers for further pages of a site. The divs can be made internal or external links. (As divs are not allowed as links, this functionality is done with an invisible overlay.) Interesting mouse over effects are possibe.

Teasers are saved as teaser groups ready in HTML, so that the CMS doesn't have to do lot's of computing. The backend extracts single teasers from a teaser group for editing. Editing is done with the standard editors Tinymce, CKeditor or Codeeditor.

Individuals teasers can be added, deleted or have their position in the group changed. Since version 1beta2 every teaser can take individual backgrounds.

Teaser groups can be added, deleted, copied and given a css class from an option list.

Download: http://frankziesing.de/cmsimple/ (German) http://frankziesing.de/cmsimple/en/ (English)

Backend screenshot:


Some teaser examples:

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