Tell a friend

Tell A Friend is a plugin that lets your site visitors recommend your site to their friends by mail.

  • This version comes with capcha protection
  • Has the toggle to activate or deactivate the plugin's function.

How to install:

  1. Download the and extract.
  2. Upload the folder to the “plugins” folder (please keep the folder structure)
  3. Now add this code in the content area: #CMSimple $output.=gotell(); # where you find it relevant in your present content.

<fc #ff0000>OFFLINE ?</fc> : (Download page:

Since Amir's website seems to be offline, I uploaded the “Tell A Friend” plug-in v.1.03 onto this server for people who are still interested in this plugin. I don't know, which one was Amir's last version. Till

Download from CMSimpleWiki:

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