Tempflate = template + flat (file)

Plugin vrs 1.0 : http://patrikcarpentier.free.fr/Soft/tempflate.zip (help : english, german & french)

  • Create a small database in a text file.
  • Create a hidden page in CMSimple, using the codes %0 to %9 for the fields to display inside. You can also use %n in html code : <img src=“images/%4” />
  • Finally, create a page in which you write : <fc #008080>$output = tempflate ('my_datas', 'my_template', 'my_criterias');</fc> (equal, not dot equal)

And it works :)

Tested with CMSimple 3.2, Flex 1.0, CMSimple XH 1.0 and Flex XH 2.0

Ich danke Gerd Xhonneux für die deutsche Übersetzung :)

You know the sentence “you use this plugin at your own risk”…

Support : patrikcarpentier at hotmail dot com


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