TG Image Pop-up

With this plugin, it is possible to open the original version of an minimized images by a lightbox. And it's even possible to adjust a maximum size of the big picture in the light box. The thumbnails are generated automatically on-the-fly. This saves loading time especially if there are many images on your page. No code of your content will be changed.

Demo and furhter Information: Click to view 8-O



Extract the folder into the plugin directory.


Place the following code into the page, where you want to popup images: #CMSimple tg_popup(); #


Tested with:

  • CMSimple_XH 1.41


24.07.2011 Version 1.2:

  • Upgedate for CMSimple_XH 1.41 mit jQuery Plugin (jQuery4CMSimple)
  • Additionally usage of prettyPhoto possible to include social media buttons (Twitter and Facebook).

21.02.2011: Updated to Version 0.3

  • includes flag for general popup on website
  • multilanguage is suported


Please post errors or other feedback. Thx.


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