Thumbnail Creation

This plugin create a thumbnail automaticaly with all pictures that you have inserted in you html page.

The interest is to display a picture with a little size and when you click on it an effect's running (lightbox or highslide) and you will see the original picture.

All of them was inspired by the plugins of Klaus Treichler.

The main interest of these plugins is that all of them use the official (unmodified) picture effect.

The second objectif is able to use the effect for all pictures on the page currently displayed (this, is not possible with the Klaus Treichler plugin or I don't know when).

!!! you will see effect only if the picture size is different than the picture displayed into your html code like : <img … width=… height=…/> !!!



  • Great change!!!
  • Now I've unified all plugins. You just need to call #CMSimple thumb(“hs”);# for High Slide or “sb” for Slimbox.
  • the multi language is manage correctly.
  • The absolute path is right now. Thank to «Marek» for his comments.


  • Now the effect is right when you do not specify one of both dimension of the image. So if you resize only the width (so the height is proportional), the script find the missing dimension.


  • Now the regular expression are case insensitive


  • I've seen a big bug…With all my optimisation the plugin did not work for more than one image. Now it's fixed.


  • improve regular expression in both script. Now I search for :
    • <img…> not only <img…/>
    • width=“…” and width: …px
    • height=“…” and height: …px
  • change right access during creation of Thumb directory and thumbnail.
  • Creation of a sample project with both plugins and CMSimple 3.2. Ty it!! now that's run perfectly!

How to install

  1. Install CMSimple 3.2 (I've tested only with this version)
  2. In the SETTINGS seciont, go to « Edit configuration » and set « plugins_folder » to the name of your plugin folder. (I've use « plugins »)
  3. Install a plugin loader. I've installed Pluginloader v.2.0 beta10mod
  4. Download « addon.rar » and extract it in your root folder (look at the structure for helping)
  5. Download « thumb.rar » for adding picture effect
  6. insert in your html code #CMSimple thumb(“hs”);# or #CMSimple thumb(“sb”);#
|    +-2lang
|    +-cmsimple
|    +-content
|    +-downloads
|    +-images
|    +-plugins                  <- Put plugins in this directory
|    |   +-thumb
|    |   |   admin.php
|    |   |   index.php
|    +-addons                  <- Put addon in this directory
|    |   +-highslide
|    |   |   +-highslide
|    |   |   |   +-graphics
|    |   |   |     highslide.js
|    |   |   |     stylesheet.css
|    |   |   |   +-...
|    |   |   +-images
|    |   +-slimbox
|    |   |   +-css
|    |   |   +-js
|    |   |   |   mootools.js
|    |   |   |   slimbox.js
|    |   |   +-src
|    |   |   |   slimbox.js
|    |   |   header.php
|    |   +-templates

Thumbnail creation with Lightbox(I use Slimbox)

Just extract the «lightboxthumb.rar» in your plugin directory

For using it just write : #CMSimple thumb(“sb”);#

Thumbnail creation with highslide

Just extract the highslidethumb.rar in your plugin directory

For using it just write : #CMSimple thumb(“hs”);#

Download Section

the latest Slimbox effect : the latest HighSlide effect :

a RAR archive with all effect used :

a RAR archive with plugin

A Sample with all installed and configure like I said above.


As I said above, I was inspired by the plugins of Klaus Treichler.

But theses plugins have completely been rewritten!!!


This plugin is made by Jaufré Devosse

Any Bug Found, Tell me

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