Backend Plugin for CMSimple

Version 1.0 beta3

This plugin enables the owner of a website to download the four most important files of his CMSimple site without using FTP. These files are compressed into one ZIP file and immediately offered for download. The optional four files are:

 1. ./cmsimple/config.php
 2. ./content/content.htm
 3. ./templates/own_template/template.htm
 4. ./templates/own_template/stylesheet.css

The plugin has been tested with CMSimple v.3.2 under PHP4 und PHP5.

1. Installation

After unzipping the plugin is copied into CMSimple's plugin folder. In the administration of “TS_backup” there are only two active buttons: plugin-language and plugin-help. In “plugin-language” the language output can be changed. “Plugin-help” calls this help page.

There is nothing else to configure. You just use the plugin. There is no need to activate it via scripting, since it just consist of an backend. There is no frontend.

2. Disclaimer

There is no warrenty using this plugin. It will be used on everybody's own risk. We will not assume any liability in case of data losses caused by TS_backup usage.

3. Acknowledgement

The zipping algorithm derives from the phpMyAdmin package.



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