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Version 1.0 RC3, supported by CMSimple 3.2+ , Plugin Loader 2.

5th September 2009

tsEdit is a backend plugin meant to be used only by administrators. Five different optional CMSimple folders can be used to upload files. These folders are determined in the plugin's configuration. All files of a chosen directory can be deleted (dangerous!). An optional restriction filter allows to exclude files up to 10 different MIME types from uploading to the chosen folder. Max. size of the files to upload is determined by the size restriction set in CMSimple's main configuration (downloads_maxsize:). Text files can be edited. All files of a chosen directory are listed. Every function of this plugin is optional.

This plugin should be used with care - especially the delete function.

More information is found at tsEdit Help

Download of latest version: tsEdit.zip

Download page:

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