Wellrad - onlineshop plugin

This plugin adds e-commerce functionality for a small business: an easy way to administrate a shop with some dozens of products via the CMSimple backend. The detailed product descriptions can be done on normal CMSimple pages - the plugin offers to create an add-to-cart-link on those pages.

By now this plug-in is only available as a “solution” - a bundle of CMSimple 3.2 (with integrated TinyMCE) and the wellrad-plugin.

Screenshots of the administration interface, a feature list and downloads can be found on the wellrad's homepage.

cmb: The latest version (1.2.1) is somewhat hidden on wellrad.de; you can download it from http://www.wellrad.de/?Downloads/Plug_it_yourself.

Have fun!


After having set up CMSimple as usual, you'll have to give write permission (0666) to two additional files:



If you want to edit it's stylesheet online, do the same with /plugins/wellrad/css/stylesheet.css.

Important update

If you have already installed a version < 1.0.2, you should update to the current version: The first release's tax calculation did not take care of the forwarding expenses. Just unpack the small update package and replace the old files with the new ones - this won't touch your settings and your product catalog.

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