Replacement for mailform.php

What it does
  • It provides visitor verification by means of an ascii art random string to be typed before sending (CAPTCHA).
  • It allows for '+' in the user name part of email addresses, see “plussed” addresses allowed by sendmail.

Download the archive from, md5: fdf64ab634f2d83f7671ccf8c5457ad5.

Content of the archive
  1. README.txt this text
  2. mailform.php replacement script
  3. phpfiglet_class.php text → ascii art converter
  4. standard.flf standard ascii art alphabet
  1. unzip the archive,
  2. rename the original mailform.php,
  3. place mailform.php, phpfiglet_class.php and standard.flf in cmsimple3_2/cmsimple/,
  4. insert the following 2 lines into cmsimple3_2/cmsimple/languages/en.php:
 $tx['mailform']['verif'] = 'Type this string in the next box ';
 $tx['error']['notverif'] = 'Strings do not match. Try again.';

cmb: In second languages the font can't be found. Solution: change line 43 to:

	if ($__c->loadFont($pth['folder']['cmsimple'] . "standard.flf")) {


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