Images connected to specific pages

Once a client wanted a website containg pages having one specific image at a certain place of the page. (In this case it was his own face.) Only in some cases he wanted to change the image.

Possible solution

Usually images are placed via editing a page. However, in this case it was worth to load the image via the template.htm file. There it was said:

<?php if ($news==""){echo newsbox("mainImage");} else {echo newsbox($news);} ?>

A hidden page was generated called “mainImage” (#CMSimple hide#). This page contained nothing else than just the image which was supposed to show up on most pages. Pages which were supposed to contain alternativ images were provided with a CMSimple script.

#CMSimple $news = 'altImage1';#


#CMSimple $news = 'altImage2';#


#CMSimple $news = 'altImage3';#


Hidden pages called altImage1, altImage2, altImage3 etc. contained the alterantive images.

Alternative solution:

Instead of using a newsbox it is also possible to call up the images directly by adding to the template.htm file the code:

<img alt="Top-Image" <?php if ($topimage==''){?>src="<?php echo $pth['folder']['templateimages'];?>topimage1.jpg" /> <?php }else{?>src="<?php echo $pth['folder']['templateimages']; echo $topimage;?>.jpg" /><?php } ?>

The CMSimple script on a page would then say:

#CMSimple $topimage = "image1";#


#CMSimple $topimage = "image2";#


#CMSimple $topimage = "image3";#


Images called “image1.jpg”, “image2.jpg”, “image3.jpg” etc. or similar have to be found in template's “image” subfolder, of course.


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