Page Titles as <h1>

If you want all your page titles formatted as <h1> in CMSimple's output, you can put the following function to your cmsimple/functions.php or better cmsimple/userfuncs.php, and call it from the template instead of content().

The function is published under GPLv3. So it comes without any warranty.

function content_h1() {
	global $s, $o, $c, $edit, $adm, $cf;
	if (!($edit && $adm) && $s > -1) {
		$cnt = $c[$s];
		$cnt = preg_replace('/<h[1-'.$cf['menu']['levels'].']([^>]*)>'
			'<h1$1>${2}${4}$5</h1$7>', $cnt, 1);
		$cnt = preg_replace("/".$cf['scripting']['regexp']."/is", "", $cnt);
		return $o.$cnt;
	} else {
		return $o;

Christoph Michael Becker


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